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ODL Dental Clinic
Orthodontist in London

ODL Dental is a well-established multi award-winning, cosmetic dental clinic in London offering high quality teeth straightening (braces), cosmetic and general dental treatments, with over a decade of treating patients.

Our team of more than 80 professionals have trained in the UK and abroad, creating a highly skilled, friendly and multi-lingual team to best serve our patients' needs.

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Multicultural professionals with 200+ years of combined experience


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A Multi-Award-Winning Dental Clinic  

Our awards and achievements speak volumes - they are not only testaments to our clinical excellence,
but are also a way to show you that you are in the most capable and compassionate hands.







I cannot praise this practice highly enough. The reception staff are always polite and helpful. The practice has very high standards of cleanliness and modern well equipped surgeries. I have to say that I was disappointed when my original dentist left, but Dr Angie Pulido who replaced her is even better. She is by far the best dentist that I have ever seen and I have probably seen in excess of twenty dentists. Dr Angie explains everything in as much detail as you want and the standard of her work is far in advance of anything I have previously experienced. Dr Angie repaired minor damage on a front tooth edge that had been attempted about three or four times before by my previous dentist. The repair now cannot be seen and I have not had any problems since. Dr Angie also discovered that a back tooth that had been giving me bad pain and referred pain for many years, was in fact cracked down the middle and could not be seen on X-Rays, which meant that the tooth had to be removed and I am now pain free. As I previously stated, I cannot praise this practice enough and in particular, Dr Angie.

George Popa


I went into the Moorgate branch yesterday for what I thought it was going to be my usual monthly check up. Dr John asked me what I thought about the progress we had made with the braces and I said it was amazing, my teeth looked incredible compared to when I first started.

That's when Dr John agreed with me and said the magic words: I think we are going to take the braces off!

When the braces were off and he had installed the retainers, giving my teeth a finishing touch, he invited me to check the mirror to see if I was happy with the final result.

One word : speechless! I couldn't believe my eyes!

It was everything I ever wanted and more! The confidence in my smile has sky-rocketed.

Dr John was the perfect orthodontist for me, always listening to my questions and providing the best answer for each situation.

I strongly recommend him and the team to whoever wants a better smile, it's very unlikely you'll find a more professional service anywhere else!

Ben Irish


Dr Alex has given me the smile I always dreamt of!

The quality of treatment and service received had surpassed my expectations. Dr Alex shows real care in his work, giving knowledge advice and he was only happy when I was happy.

The clinic is very clean and modern and all of the staff are extremely friendly and helpful.

I have also been very impressed with the amount on information on aftercare for my teeth.

Strongly recommend Dr Alex and ODL.

Jason Bolingbroke


It was very important to me that I found the right orthodontist so when a friend recommend Dr Alex (after some amazing results) I was so impressed to read that he has loads of great reviews online. I needed to judge for myself but from the initial consultation it was clear that Alex has tonnes of experience, is highly professional - and is a really nice guy too!

Having your teeth straightened takes time so (if you’re anything like me) you’ll want to discuss how things are going along the way. You’ll need someone by your side who you can talk to, to discuss your concerns, someone who understands exactly what you’re going through and will give friendly, expert advice. Dr Alex was there every step of the way - his level of care was exceptional. I have no reservations about recommending him to anyone. He was nothing short of amazing!

In fact, my only regret about the whole thing is not going to see him sooner! I waited till I was 50 to have my teeth straightened. I could have had a great smile years ago!

Sylvia Cakalic


From the first day of my treatment it has been nothing but really friendly and professional from all the staff and doctors at ODL. I came here to have my teeth straightened and my dentist, Dr James, has done amazing work! I've had my braces on for just over a year and throughout I was always well informed at each appointment of what was happening and also whenever I had any questions. I felt looked after, which is important for me when considering any treatment. I am so happy I decided to go ahead with it. I have already been recommending ODL Dental Clinic to everyone who asks me about it and are thinking about having treatment. :) Sylvia



In creating a beautiful smile, they combine art and science. I've had a tremendous experience at ODL these past two years. My orthodontist, James, is a star. He was always clear in his explanations but he also managed my expectations precisely. I'm also very thankful to Angie for her splendid composite bonding job.

Pricing wise, the treatment options are very reasonable with respect to other clinics in London.

Overall, I'm very pleased. So use the services here, I'm sure you'll be pleased too.

Ivelina Dimitrova


I've had a lot of experience with orthodontists in the past, since this is the 3th time I go through straightening my teeth. Now that being said my dr. Ines Fruhbeck is simply the best!!! She went above and beyond to make sure I go through all of the stages of the treatment properly , even staying after her shift to make sure I've got my braces tightening at the exact time it needs to be done.
I highly recommend her to everyone.
She gave me all the options and information I needed so I can make an informed decision myself, instead of just go with the one option most suitable and easy for her, as my previous orthodontists had done. She is a perfectionist and you can be sure that if you leave your smile in her hands you will get a high quality service. Taking the time to explain everything, to inform you and guide you trough the treatment dr Ines has your best interest at heart. She will advise you about what will be the best for your unique teeth, bite and smile in a long run, not just for the next 5 years. My treatment has finished a few months agoand I finally got that perfect smile I always wanted. I can't thank dr. Ines enough. As for the clinic
- flexible when it comes to payment options,
- very friendly staff, always there to hepl you . Absolutely fantastic service!!!

Ruta Paskeciuvite


From the first day I felt I made the right decision to come here. The staff was always friendly, all the nurses and doctors I was treated by were professional, honest and kind. I chose to get braces here and my treatment went exceptionally well and for that I am most grateful to doctor James.

He is extremely knowledgable, always very pleasant, skilful and professional. I really appreciated that throughout the duration of my treatment he kept me informed about the progress, what changes I will notice, consulted with me and what I would like to do in several occasions. I always followed his advice because very quickly I saw that he is an absolute expert and I had complete trust in his recommendations. I never felt uncomfortable or forced into a decision I wasn’t sure about. It was always a very professional and friendly atmosphere and I feel that my investment really paid off.

I had also received other treatment in this clinic like getting some fillings done, and getting a second opinion from Dr John and I would say that the people working here are honest, kind and know what they're doing. I definitely recommend this clinic for any dental care needs and especially for braces! :)

Sophie Bopp


I found ODL while searching online early this year. It catch my attention because of its affordable prices and opening time, as it fits with my out-of-office hours. I’ve been having braces with them ever since and I couldn’t have picked a better place to do so. What I value the most is how Dr Alex details which stage of the treatment I am in during each session and what follows after that so I’m aware of the change.

I started the treatment at the Old Street location but recently moved to Moorgate as sometimes ODL old street could be overcrowded. So far, my experience has been a pleasant one and will keep coming back for other treatments after my braces are taken off.



Orthodontics as an adult
Dr James Mackenzie has done wonders with my teeth in what seems to me like a short space of time (15 months). I had fixed upper and lower metal braces at the age of 35, to correct a large overjet and to straighten my teeth and close spaces. Dr James was a true professional throughout the treatment, explaining the treatment and what was ahead at every appointment. He was able to answer every question I had. I couldn't be happier with my smile now which has given me such a confidence boost. To any adult contemplating ceramic or metal braces, I recommend the metal - brackets are smaller, less unsightly discolouration/staining and move the teeth faster than the ceramic. I didn't feel self conscious at all during the 15 month process. The reception staff at ODL are friendly and very efficient.
Thank you so much Dr James!

Karen Grace


I have been to ODL for eight months now and could testify that my experience has been consistent with all the positive reviews I read.

The practice is run in an extremely professional manner with integrity, transparency and prudence.

The price is very reasonable but the quality I receive was top-notch. Price utility is very high!

The medical team and the supporting staff always go beyond and above to ensure that I have the best experience. I have been to a few expensive clinics but none could beat ODL. In addition, it is one of the very few clinics which manages to use technology so effectively to improve the overall patient’s experience.

Piotr Obarowski


From the very first visit, I felt welcomed by all the staff who were always smiling, seemed friendly and behaved professionally. The first thing that attracted me to ODL were the low prices when compared to other private clinics but I knew I made the right decision after meeting the team. Throughout the treatment, Dr. John always asked questions as to how I felt about the process and listened to any comments form my part. In every visit I saw that Dr. John loves what he does and proved that he is an orthodontist worth the money and travelling for.

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