Aloka Pagrut (GDC No. 295127)

Bachelor in Dental Surgery, MUMBAI INDIA
MSc Dental Public Health, UCL, LONDON
MBA, University of Sunderland

Aloka qualified as a dentist in 2011 and has worked within the field of
dentistry for the last 11 years in clinical and non clinical settings and
enjoyed both equally with 'PREVENTIVE ORAL CARE' as her main focus.

Aloka practiced as a dentist in India and came to pursue further education
in England.  Later worked for Public health Lambeth on various Oral Health
projects like
'Health matters: child dental health' ,
'Framework for Advancing Oral Health Reform' and 'Dental health
interventions for preschoolers'

Her love for clinical dentistry brought her back into practice as a Dental
Hygienist and continues to provide preventive care through her work.

She loves engaging with her patients and  seeks to continue building a
fulfilling career  within the field of dental hygiene.