Preetha Chandran Sakunthala( GDC Reg. NO: 293375)

Bachelor of Dental Surgery, University of Kerala, India

Post graduate Certificate in Endodontics, IGNOU, India

Graduated from University of Kerala, India in 2001, qualifying as a dentist. Practised as a general dentist  in different dental surgeries in India. Specialised in Endodontics in 2011 and ran her own dental practice in Kerala, India for 10 years. Relocated to the UK with family in 2017. In the light of 18 years of experience in the field of dentistry, moved into the new position as Hygienist in the UK. Is particular about reducing the dental anxiety of the patients, as for many people, dental anxiety is disturbing but not disabling. Full mouth prophylaxis predominantly include the oral hygiene instruction and demonstration of brushing technique so that the patients can maintain their oral hygiene at home.

In my spare time, I used to dance as I am a trained professional Indian Classical dancer, passionate about travelling and enjoy the ethnic food and the culture of different countries and enjoy singing.