Another Happy Patient!

"My experience at ODL is like nothing I have experienced. Alex completely understood my needs and concerns and went above and beyond to make me happy. I cannot believe the results and I honestly feel that I would not have been as happy if I had gone anywhere else. I am so grateful for everything Alex and his team at ODL have done for me."

Before and After

Before and After Braces


"I came here on the recommendation of a friend and I cannot recommend ODL enough. Amazing level of customer service. Alex was so nice, very relaxing (of course I was a little nervous) and so good at his job. I researched multiple clinics before deciding and I'm saving you the time : to go ODL! Best price, service and experience. I work long hours in town and often had very early or very late appointments to suit my work. I'd also add that I'm no young person, some people scoffed at me getting my teeth done at this age but it's never too late, just do it!! especially if it makes you feel happy and smile more :)"

"This is by far the best dentists I've ever been to. I am a nervous patient and the dentists are really patient and helpful. (My dentist is James, I cannot recommend him enough). You also don't feel like they are trying to rip you off unlike many others in London I've been to! I'm even taking the plunge and going to start a braces programme after my friend had amazing results here. It's open at convenient times (after work and at weekends too) which makes life a lot easier"

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