Invisalign Retainers (Vivera)

As you probably already know, without retainers, all the time you spent wearing braces could well be for nothing. It's easy to think that the hard work is over, and your teeth (now looking utterly beautiful) will magically remain spectacularly straight. However, retainers are responsible for making sure that your teeth don't move after you've finished your orthodontic treatment, keeping your confident new smile on the straight and narrow. Without retainers your teeth will slowly move back towards their pre-treatment position, an outcome that we're sure you are as keen as us to avoid!

What makes Invisalign retainers different?

- More Durable - Invisalign retainer material is at least 30% stronger and twice as durable as other leading clear retainer materials

- Custom-fit - Invisalign retainers are custom-fit for your smile, with your comfort in mind...which is important since you’ll wear it while you sleep

- Multiple sets – you receive three sets of retainers so you can switch to a clean and fresh one every few months. Multiples sets also ensure there is always a back-up, so you stay in working retention. Plus, each smile is digitally stored, so getting replacements is easy

- Doctors who have used Invisalign retainers are more satisfied with them than with other retainers

Contact us immediately if your retainer is lost, broken or is not fitting properly. When coming to the practice, please bring your broken retainer with you.

Regardless if you had your treatment with us or not, we can still help you getting your retainers replaced or new ones made.


New / Replacement retainers' cost

New Patients

Consultation - £59

Retainer cost  
£300 single arch (3 retainers)
£450 upper and lower (6 retainers)
£240 fixed retainers (per arch)

Existing Patients

Retainer cost

£300 single arch (3 retainers)
£450 upper and lower (6 retainers)
£150 fixed retainers (per arch) 

Of course you already know, but just a little refresher...

Putting your retainer on - Make sure your teeth are clean before wearing your retainer and wear them for as long as prescribed by your orthodontist.

Removing your retainer - Remove retainers from your mouth just by lifting them from the molar area on both sides. Removing your retainer on one side only or from the front can cause the retainer to crack.

Cleaning your retainer - Clean your retainer using a soft toothbrush, liquid soap and cold running water (warm or hot water can distort the retainers, toothpaste may scratch the retainers and make the surface look cloudy). Common denture cleaning tablets with antibacterial ingredients or a regular antibacterial soap, can help clean the bacteria from your retainer.

Looking after your retainer - Removable retainers can be lost or damaged and can even melt or change shape if exposed to high heat. To avoid this, it is also very important that you:

  • Do not to leave your retainer lying around the house since pets love to chew them!
  • Do not wrap it in tissues or paper towels, they tend to get thrown out.
  • Keep it in the proper case when not wearing them.
  • Do not wear it during eating or drinking to prevent damage.

Retainer professional check-ups - Throughout (and after) the use of your retainer, periodic maintenance in the form of routine dental visits is required to check for cavities and to clean the straightened teeth. You should also continue to see your orthodontist as prescribed by them.

Retainer longevity - Removable retainers can last anywhere from 6 months to 3 years. The main issue is simply the wear and tear involved from repeatedly putting in and taking out the device. Other oral conditions such as teeth gridding can also affect the longevity of your retainer. Please discuss this with your dentist.

ODL guarantee - retainers have a 6 months warranty.

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