Our Fees & Finance Options - Pay as you go dentist London

General Treatment

Examination £50

Emergency appointment From £50 to £120

Small digital radiographs  £5 each

Full mouth (digital panoramic*) £40

*Digital xrays have 75% less radiation than non-digital

Referrals and Letters £50




Initial consultation £40

Filling from £60-£100

Extraction from £40- £80

Fissure sealant per tooth £20

Fissure sealant for 4+ teeth £80



The Advanced Clean £75 per session

Gum Treatment

Gum Assessment £50 + £40 Full Mouth X-Ray (*X-Ray is needed in most cases)

Mild to Moderate £200 per session

Advanced £270 per session


White Fillings

From £60 to £210




Conventional bridge from £630 - £3,000 

Maryland bridge from £610 - £760




Porcelain bonded to non precious metal £440

Full porcelain crown From £510 to £570

Zirconia crown £650

Gold crowns £440 + gold

Temporary £210 - £280

Post / Core buildup £160



Veneers (Composite) £250 to 350

Veneers (Porcelain) £570




Single acrylic denture

Partial From £420 to £560

Full £700

Single chrome/acrylic denture From £950 to £1,100

Immediate denture from £350-£620


Teeth Whitening

Home whitening kit £210

Combined whitening (in chair and take home kit) £400

Single whitening tray £60

Whitening syringe £30




Anterior teeth £85 per tooth

Premolars £85-£105 per tooth

Molars £125-£190 per tooth

Upper wisdom teeth £160-£250 per tooth

Lower wisdom teeth £160-£350 per tooth



Consultation £50

Records £250

Single tooth (including abutment, surgical prep. and crown) from £1,700



Root Canal Treatments

Incisor £400 + filling or crown

Pre molar - £450 + filling or crown

Molar £580 + filling or crown



Teeth Straightening

You can have this treatment on Pay-As-You-Go!

No need to pay the full treatment in advance. Pay only for the treatment you have on the day.

Orthodontic Assessment £50 
Book here:

Old Street

Metal Braces

Case Analysis £100

Upper and lower braces £1,000
Just top or just bottom £650

Monthly check-ups £80 per visit

Braces Removal £80
Retainers (at the end of treatment) £120 each

White Braces

Case Analysis £100

Upper and lower braces £1,200
Just top or just bottom £750

Monthly check-ups £100 per visit

Braces Removal £100
Retainers (at the end of treatment) £120 each

Lingual Braces

Case Analysis £140

Upper and lower braces £1,800
Just top or just bottom £1,200

Monthly check-ups £140 per visit

Braces Removal £140
Retainers (at the end of treatment) £120 each


Full £3,745

Lite £2,940

Includes: Case analysis, aligners, visits and retainers


Six Month Braces

One arch Metal £1,600

One arch White £1,800

Upper and Lower Metal £2,200

Upper White and Lower Metal £2,400

Includes: Case analysis, braces, monthly adjustments (x5), braces removal, retainers and teeth whitening

Facial Aesthetics


3 main areas:
(Crow's feet, Glabella & Forehead)

  • 1 area - £200
  • 2 areas - £285
  • 3 areas - £345

Botox armpits (Hyperhydrosis) - From £285 to £450

£50* per extra small areas: bunny lines (nose), smoker's lines (mouth), gummy smile, marionette lines and chin pebbling.

When done together with at lease 1 full area application



£300 per application (2x minimum) including Profhilo Haekenium Hyaluronic Acid cream


Dermal Fillers

Nasolabial lines, fine lines, lips:
(Juvederm Volift / Volbella / Teosyal RHA)

  • 1 ml syringe £300 - £350
  • Additional syringe £190 each

Dark Circles around eyes
(Teosyal Redensity II)

  • 1 ml syringe £380
  • Additional syringe £190 each

(Juvederm Voluma)

  • 1 ml syringe £400
  • Additional syringe £190 each

Finance Options

Our finance options have been especially designed to lighten the financial burden of costly procedures, making it a little easier to digest. Think of it as dentistry "in bite size pieces", hassle free and easy to apply for.

Pay-As-You-Go Treatments

We offer you PAY AS YOU GO options on all treatments!

Start your treatment and pay only for what you have done on the day. No need to pay for treatments in advance.

12 Months Interest Free Finance

Start and finish your treatment and spread the cost over a period of up to 12 months without any extra cost!

Some of the benefits include:

  • Affordable alternative to one off payments for costly procedures;
  • Access to desirable high-end dental treatments;
  • Easy to manage monthly repayments;
  • The amount available ranges from £300 to £5000;
  • Pay it back over a period of up to 12 months;

Available for general, routine and cosmetic treatments including Invisalign, fillings, crowns, root canal treatments, teeth bonding, extractions, teeth whitening, implants and gum treatments. 

Not available for fixed braces including metal, white and lingual braces. Our fixed braces treatments are available on our Pay as you go option with easy to manage, hassle free monthly payments.

In order to apply you have to:

  • Be 18 years old or above;
  • Be in permanent employment (over 16 hours per week), retired (receiving pension), or self employed;
  • Be a resident of the UK for the last 12 months;
  • Have a Bank or Building Society current account that will accept Direct Debits;

Documents required:

  • Passport;
  • Proof of Residence ( Driving Licence, Bank Statement or Utility Bill);
  • Bank Credit or Debit Card;

Would you require any additional information please contact us.


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